The Worlds Food.

                          *** Why did the chicken cross the road???
          *** Who Fuckin cares, were eating it for dinner!

From the Alps to the Andes Chicken and Rice has been and will continue to be a staple dish for most people all across the world. It crosses almost every border and religious practice from huts to Michelin Star restaurants. Chicken and rice has had a rooted history and an uncertain future.
The Chicken
Chicken with its mild taste and uniform texture is a intriguingly blank canvas for the flavor palette of almost any cuisine. Thought to have been domesticated from the jungles of Asia around 2000 B.C. there are literally hundreds of breeds of these pea sized brain creatures in the world today. France alone has over 50 breeds of their own!
By far the most widely used breed is the broiler. a bird that can achieve a 5 pound market weight in 5 weeks, an unthinkable achievement 40 years ago when it took twice as long to grow a 4 pound chicken. But this is only possible by playing god with almost every part of the farming process from the DNA makeup of the chicken to the Monsanto corn that it is fed we have been sold the greatest marketing scheme that Corporate America could make us swallow. The US exports over 6.65 billion pounds around the globe each year to some the most remote places on the planet where the American diet is not only unsustainable is not even conceivable.

This is where the second ingredient comes in-

The Rice
This little packet of energy is the staple food of more than 3.5 billion people per day who depend on it for more than 20% of their daily calories. Rice is composed of carbs, with small amounts of protein, virtually no fat, has more nutritional-value than wheat and is the most easily digestible grain.  For at least 5000 years an estimated 40,000 different varieties of rice have been cultivated around the world for the basics of daily nutrition and survival.
Sadly in today's big Ag society large corporations have micro engineered this age old staple to be pest resistant while increasing size and yield for nothing more than profit at the expense of some of the worlds poorest people.

The Marriage 
Back to chicken and rice. How did we take one of the most recognizable and essential dishes in the course of history so unhealthy? and what can we do about it?  It is not a simple answer, we just have to stick to the basics of sourcing local for our products, and talking to the folks that know and care.


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