Let's Learn about Grisette Beer.

When I asked people to explain grisette as a style, I heard answers that usually included the following elements: low-ABV, saisonlike, brewed with wheat, farmhouse, Belgian/French, and some bit of lore involving miners and women in grey dresses. Through subsequent conversations, I set out to determine what elements define a grisette and what its relationship is, stylistically, to saisons.

So this is the Wiki answer-

grisette is a variety of beer originating from the mining regions along the border of France and Belgium. It is a close relative of other farmhouse ales of the region including saisons and bières de garde, though unlike those beers, which were prevalent among agricultural workers, grisettes were consumed primarily by miners. The name, which means "little grey one", may come from the name of the local grey-colored stone or from the grey frocks worn by the women who served the beer in local pubs.
It is a low-alcohol beer that is light in body, with a noticeable tartness similar to other farmhouse ales and in some ways to the gose beers of Germany. As of 2016, only one Belgian brewery was still making the style in the traditional manner, though the American craft brewing industry has started producing several varieties, often working from historically researched recipes.

Interested in trying a grisette? Keep in mind that contemporary versions vary in the character of their grain bills, the presence or absence of souring bacteria like lactobacillus, and the use of barrels or fruit to add intrigue to the base style. With an open mind, you might keep an eye out for the following: Hill Farmstead Clara (an especially well regarded version recommended by SARA’s Tim Clifford); Oxbow Moon Rocks (a mixed-fermentation grisette aged in oak barrels, a small portion of which previously held gin); Bluejacket and Cloudwater collaboration Twilights (fermented with Brettanomyces, dry-hopped with Galaxy and aged on local strawberries); Sante Adairius Lady in Grey (fermented entirely in oak); Holy Mountain Misere Au Borinage ; Three Magnets Dry-Hopped Grisette; Cerebral Monochrome; and a forthcoming double grisette collaboration from de la Senne and Two Roads,


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