Let's Learn about Grisette Beer.

When I asked people to explain grisette as a style, I heard answers that usually included the following elements: low-ABV, saisonlike, brewed with wheat, farmhouse, Belgian/French, and some bit of lore involving miners and women in grey dresses. Through subsequent conversations, I set out to determine what elements define a grisette and what its relationship is, stylistically, to saisons.

So this is the Wiki answer-

grisette is a variety of beer originating from the mining regions along the border of France and Belgium. It is a close relative of other farmhouse ales of the region including saisons and bières de garde, though unlike those beers, which were prevalent among agricultural workers, grisettes were consumed primarily by miners. The name, which means "little grey one", may come from the name of the local grey-colored stone or from the grey frocks worn by the women who served the beer in local pubs. It is a low-alcohol beer that is light in body, with a noticeable tart…

The Worlds Food.

*** Why did the chicken cross the road???

*** Who Fuckin cares, were eating it for dinner!

From the Alps to the Andes Chicken and Rice has been and will continue to be a staple dish for most people all across the world. It crosses almost every border and religious practice from huts to Michelin Star restaurants. Chicken and rice has had a rooted history and an uncertain future.
The Chicken
Chicken with its mild taste and uniform texture is a intriguingly blank canvas for the flavor palette of almost any cuisine. Thought to have been domesticated from the jungles of Asia around 2000 B.C. there are literally hundreds of breeds of these pea sized brain creatures in the world today. France alone has over 50 breeds of their own!
By far the most widely used breed is the broiler. a bird that can achieve a 5 pound market weight in 5 weeks, an unthinkable achievement 40 years ago when it took twice as long to grow a 4 pound chicken. But this is only possible by playing god with almost every part of…

Desnuda never Disappoints.

Congrats Desnuda Crew!!!
You guys put your heart and soul n that place everyday and it shows. Keep up the good work.

Girl Power Street Art


Someone has to much time on their hands. Just saying.

This was parked on 36th between 5th and Madison